Samuele Telari is a total musician, a quiet, thoughtful and elegant artist, often absorbed in intangible listening practices
Sandro Cappelletto

Samuele Telari is an accordionist, already very well-known in the music world. His play is a typical full set of all the desired components that every soloist needs: impeccable technical excellence, depth of comprehension of the composer’s text, artistry and stage charm. There are other positive personal qualities of SamueleTelari which distinguish him among colleagues: modesty, a great desire to play music of different styles and eras, setting before himself constantly higher goals in order to ensure the process of continuous professional development. I thank the fates and God that I have the honor of working creatively with Samuele. I wish him the best creative success and as he strives toward his goals!
Volodymyr Runchak

Samuele Telari, a real musician who I can always listen to. He is always interesting for me in any repertoire. You can find a lot of good musicians, but nobody can do what Telari does on bayan. His playing is art.
Yuri Shishkin