When sweet and vibrating reeds meet each other, it can only born poetry.
Everything takes a refined taste when two instruments in this unusual particular type of approach doing it; one, the clarinet, the prince of wind instruments for centuries, thanks to a sweet and velvety sound creeps between the Bayan’s harmonies, having stripped off the features of traditional instrument to become a small portable organ, throws in a kaleidoscopic whirl of sounds and dancing sinuously on the bellows, it chases him and attracts. Particular Duo, however, that allows the listener to explore vast repertoires: classical transcriptions, Romantic, Impressionist, soundtracks, contemporary music. File Rouge that combines the performers is a constant research in the technical possibilities and timbre of their instruments; the curiosity to experiment the new and live again the old; the will to reach the musical “Essentia”.

Duo Essentia was born in October 2015, and played concerts already in a lot important concert hall and festival: Teatro San Carlo di Modena (G.M.I), Teatro Quarticciolo ( Roma), Nuova Consonanza, Fondazione Isabella Scelsi, Stagione concertistica Assoli, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Conservatorio di Musica “Lucio Campiani” di Mantova, Auditorium Monteverdi during the Mantova Musica’s festival

Duo Essentia

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