Copertina del CD Broken Shake del duo essentia, con samuele telari e alice cortegiani

Broken Shake

Samuele telari e alice cortegiani duo essentia in tempietto

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New duo, new music!

This instruments share some of their deepest sonic lineage, as reeds and air, so they can create new timbres. This new program - there are also some premières - makes them stand out. Actually there very different colours and styles of the composers, so even an audience not so used to the "contemporary" music can enjoy it!

The musical ideas catch the listener: from the primitive song in Nocturne 3, to the labored breathing in Busoni Gespenst, through the no stop hunt of Plus I, ending with the explosion of Exaptation.

All this is due to the strong collaboration between artists and composers. They worked together to write ex-novo some pieces, or to make arrangements of other versions. In this way Alice and Samuele could get inside to each pieces, returning them in their true essence.