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Opificio Sonoro

Opificio Sonoro is a collective of musicians sharing the same cultural curiosity and passion in experiencing innovative programs.

OS is a creative space where different artistic areas meet, interact and explore playing possibilities.

OS is a multi-faceted entity proposing diagonal listening pathways, compared to the traditional classical music programming; ranging from early to contemporary music, from historical instruments to electronics.

OS wants to return the strength of contemporary meaning persisting in all-time masterpieces, proposing original narratives and adventurous paths of the listening always from the “sound experience” high communicative value.

The events signed by OS are characterized by a variety of timbre (from solo performer pieces to ensemble ones) and by a rich combination of different voices (from the recited words to the amplified acoustical sounds).

OS is a laboratory of the creative programming. OS hosts brave artists believing in the invention as an imperative for the society. OS elaborates visions alongside them and curates programs full of the energy of ideas.

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