Ema nikolovska in bianco e nero

Ema Nikolovska & Samuele Telari

After meeting in 2019, the two artists started their collaboration.

Their programs show a cross-section of the history of western music. It’s fascinating to listen, during the same concert, Purcell’s atmospheres and Britten’s cabaret songs, going from a Bach aria to a melodie by Messiaen. Particular attention is also for popular sounds in De Falla, Martinu, Ligeti as well, creating a huge variety of colors with the timbers that accordion can use to interact with the voice.  The different eras and styles are always connected by the musical taste, through analogies or contrasts in the composers’ aesthetic.

Engagements this season include  in Ryedale Festival, Wendover Music, Verbier Festival.

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Ema nikolovska sorride
Ema nikolovska in un giardino
Ema nikolovska sorridente su sfondo grigio
Ema nikolovska sorride poggiata su un muro