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Goldberg Variations

copertina cd samuele goldberg variation delphian
Listen to Buy on ‘The musicianship is irrepressible and there’s something in Telari’s playing that, yes, recognises that the accordion is not a harpsichord, but you still get the sense that the instrument that Samuele Telari is playing becomes in…

Tabea Debus & Samuele Telari

Tabea Debus di spalle con il suo flauto
The circle is a reminder that each moment is not just the present, but is inclusive of our gratitude to the past and our responsibility to the future. Kazuaki Tanahashi Jan Rokus van Roosendael’s music fuses his appreciation for Renaissance…

Opificio Sonoro

Opificio sonoro foto dal festival orizzonti
Opificio Sonoro is a collective of musicians sharing the same cultural curiosity and passion in experiencing innovative programs. OS is a creative space where different artistic areas meet, interact and explore playing possibilities. OS is a multi-faceted entity proposing diagonal listening pathways, compared…

Jacopo Taddei & Samuele Telari

Telari – Taddei duo is powered by the pleasure of making and sharing music with ludic spirit. The program is based on a eclectic repertoire that keeps the recital in balance between jazz and sud american music. A dazzling technique ‘s whirl, that doesn’t preclude…

Ema Nikolovska & Samuele Telari

Ema nikolovska in bianco e nero
After meeting in 2019, the two artists started their collaboration. Their programs show a cross-section of the history of western music. It’s fascinating to listen, during the same concert, Purcell’s atmospheres and Britten’s cabaret songs, going from a Bach aria…

Duo Essentia

Samuele Telari in piedi davanti ad Alice Cortegiani, Duo essentia
Collaboration with Alice Cortegiani Original duo that let the artists explore large repertories: classical, romantic, impressionists transcripts, sound tracks, contemporary and sperimental music. The connection between the performers is the will and research of new technical and timbrical possibilities of…

la Repubblica

Logo la repubblica per recensione limes
“Limes” is a Latin word meaning “side street”, “borderline”. Now, what’s with Bach and Gubajdulina, Schubert and Volodymyr Runchak, Domenico Turi and Saint-Saëns held together on the same accordion? Just leave out your astonishment and confusion, and let yourselves into…

Il disco del sole

Il sole 24 ore che ha recensito limes di samuele telari
Samuele Telari’s bayan virtuosity keeps its balance on many borders. A young instrumentalist, he was born in Spoleto, Italy in 1992 and he came into spotlight with the “Premio Abbado” award in 2015. His debut album is an atypical and…

Broken Shake

Copertina del CD Broken Shake del duo essentia, con samuele telari e alice cortegiani
Listen to Buy on Essentia is what is left when the two protagonists of this sound itinerary, the clarinet and the accordion, “strip off their clothes” (namely what they usually mean in the repertoire), returning to be pure instruments: essential,…

Dal Nero del Tempo

Copertina cd dal nero del tempo di marco quagliarini
Listen to Buy on This work crosses different musical genres but it remains close to one unique style. It imposes its own musical vision which will fascinate people, if they decide to make this research trip.